Our Mission

A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

The ISM Elementary School mission is to have an educational institution that teaches and nurtures the child – Islamically, intellectually, emotionally and physically. All of our teachers are CPR certified as the students'  safety is of our utmost priority. Furthermore, we strive to prepare our students to be future leaders of the world.

All of our students are encouraged to work diligently towards becoming good Muslim role models and high academic achievers. An important part of student life at ISM is daily prayer and real-life applications of our Islamic values. The focus of ISM`s Islamic Studies curriculum is to familiarize the students with the Islamic beliefs and practices, and to enhance their understanding of the practical aspects of their faith. The aim of the Islamic curriculum is to instill the love of Allah SWT and his Messenger. Quran classes, Islamic Studies (including Seerah), and the Arabic Language are taught alongside the Ontario curriculum. Where possible, these subjects are integrated with the regular studies.

Furthermore, we have introduced and continue to incorporate many new and exciting programs and events throughout the school year. We have arranged visits from members of the Aboriginal community to share their culture and history with us. We have also extended an invitation to the homeschooling community in the area to participate in various events. 

ISM Elementary is the first ever Islamic school in Ontario to publish a novel written by their own students. "Sumayyah's Strength' was well-received. 

May Allah guide us all in working together in nurturing the future generation of our Muslim Ummah. A'meen.